What's your favorite thing that comes in a plastic bag?

Posted by Lisa on December 19, 2022
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    I love stuff that comes in a plastic bag!

    Potato chips

    Potato chips are a staple in the diet of any American. They can be enjoyed by all ages and for any occasion. Potato chips, however, do not come in a plastic bag until you buy them at the store!

    When you buy potato chips from your local grocery store, they will come packaged inside a plastic bag (or maybe two). This allows for easy transport and protection from spills or other accidents that may occur during transit. After your delicious snack has been eaten, throw away your potato chip bags with all other recyclable materials so that we can keep our Earth clean!

    Sandwich bags

    Sandwich bags are the best. They have so many uses that you may find it hard to believe they're just a tiny piece of plastic. You can use them for storing sandwiches and other food, but you can also keep snacks and other things in them too. Some people even use sandwich bags as lunch boxes!


    You can slice it yourself, which means you’re probably not going to be getting any preservatives or additives in your freshly baked bread. Plus, you get to decide how thick or thin you want each piece—and if you have a day-old loaf that’s gone slightly stale but not so bad that it needs to be tossed out, sometimes slicing up some thick slices of fresh bread is the way to go.

    And speaking of day-old bread...you can use it for so many things! Savory French toast? Check. Meatloaf crumbs? You betcha. Bread pudding? Of course! The possibilities are endless when it comes to using up old bagged loaves (and no one will judge if there’s still some mold on those dark spots here and there).

    Fruit snacks

    Fruit snacks are a delicious, healthy treat that can be enjoyed by the whole family. In fact, many of us have fond memories of enjoying fruit snacks as kids and adults alike. They are easy to eat, easy to carry around and provide the perfect source of vitamin C and A.


    You know what's the best thing to come in a plastic bag? Lunchables.

    Despite the name, these are not just for kids. They're easy to make and can be made with any meat, cheese and bread you like. The fun part is picking out all the different options on their website (or buying them at the store) so you get exactly what you want—and none of it gets wasted!

    Frozen vegetables

    Frozen vegetables are a great option when you don't have time to cook. They're cheaper than fresh, last longer, and can be bought in bulk for even more savings. Plus, if you like variety, there are plenty of different kinds of frozen vegetables to choose from!


    • Breadsticks and pretzels are my favorite things to buy in a plastic bag. I think it's because they're easy to dip into things like marinara sauce or cheese dip, but also because they're so versatile. You can eat them on their own, put them with soup or salads or any kind of slaw, use them in place of crackers when you're making sandwiches...the possibilities are endless!
    • Crackers and bagel chips come next for me. They're great for spreading cream cheese (or whatever spreadable goodness you like) onto before chomping down--which is always nice when you don't have time for a sit-down meal.

    Frozen meat pies

    A meat pie is a frozen snack that you can buy at the grocery store. They come in all different flavors and varieties, but they're all made with ground beef, pork, or chicken. Meat pies are easy to make because they only take about 15 minutes to cook in the oven. If you want to make your own meat pies at home, it's best to use fresh ingredients like carrots and peas instead of canned ones because they taste better and are healthier for you! Meat pies can also be eaten as a meal if you add enough vegetables into them--and they can cost less than $2 each!

    Salad kits

    Salad kits are also a great option for busy people. Instead of making your own salad, you can buy the ingredients in a convenient package, which includes greens and vegetables like lettuce, carrots, tomatoes and cucumbers. The convenience factor is only bolstered by the dressing—most salad kits come with both options: creamy or vinaigrette.

    The addition of croutons and cheese make it feel like you’re eating something more substantial than just greens; chicken or tuna adds protein; eggs give it some extra flavor; rice adds texture (and makes it “rice-ghetti”); potatoes make it heartier still—the list goes on!

    Sushi rolls (maki)

    Sushi rolls are made of rice and seaweed. They can be topped with raw fish, cooked fish, or vegetables. They're often served with soy sauce and wasabi—a popular Japanese condiment made from horseradish root traditionally served with sushi. Sushi rolls are wrapped in a nori sheet that has been toasted over an open flame to bring out its flavor.

    Sandwich wraps

    If you have kids, sandwich wraps are a must-have. They're easy for little hands to open and eat, and they keep the sandwich together so it doesn't fall apart. It's also really fun to make your own from plastic bag tops!

    You can either cut off the top of a large bag of chips or buy some pre-made ones at the store if you don't want to go through all the trouble of making them yourself (or if you're just lazy like me). To clean up after eating, simply remove all wrappers in one fell swoop into trash can or recycling bin (or both).

    I love stuff that comes in a plastic bag!

    I love stuff that comes in a plastic bag!

    Plastic bags are great for storing food, especially fruits and vegetables. They keep your food fresh longer than paper bags because they help protect it from dust and moisture. And if you buy something that's perishable, like meat or fish, then you can store it in the refrigerator until you're ready to use it. It's easy to open up the bag and access what's inside without contaminating everything else with germs from your hands. Plus, if something spills out of the plastic bag onto other things (which happens all the time when my son puts his toys in them), then those items won't be ruined by contamination from germs on his dirty hands!

    Plastic bags are also super-cheap compared with paper ones—you can get 10 times more of them for about half as much money! The only real drawback is that once you're done using them for whatever purpose (packing snacks for school lunches; storing leftovers), there isn't really a good way to reuse or recycle them since they're made out of petroleum products which aren't biodegradable (meaning they'll never go away). However, this problem could potentially be solved through innovations such as recycling centers where plastics are broken down into smaller particles so they don't take up space anymore - these small particles would then become part of another product like carpeting or insulation materials etc...


    I’m always excited to see what new plastic-bag items will come out next and I hope you are too! If there’s anything I missed in this list, please let me know. My email is [email protected] or if you prefer Twitter, my handle is @JohnSmith42069

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