What Is Wide Bore Pipette?

Posted by anna on April 19, 2022

A wide bore pipette is a great tool for scientists who work with viscous liquids or fragile cell lines. Its wider distal orifice reduces flow resistance when pipetting fluids or samples. Using a wide bore pipette reduces contamination and saves time by preventing the distal tip from blocking. You can even purchase wide bore pipette tips for different applications.

Wide bore pipettes have a 50 percent larger opening than conventional tips. They reduce flow resistance in viscous samples and protect sensitive cells. Wide bore pipettes are most suitable for cell cultures, blood, macromolecules, and oils. They reduce sample residue in the tip and improve the accuracy of pipetting for high-volume viscous samples. These tips can be used on both standard and specialized wide bore pipettes. A wide bore pipette is also easier to use than a standard tip.

The pipette tips are available in various sizes. There are sterile, non-sterile, and filtered tips. Non-sterile tips are the most common and are used in laboratories. Glass micropipettes are hollow, tapered needles with nominal tip outer diameters of 0.5 um to 75 um. They have a wide range of sizes, making them a flexible tool for laboratory use. They can be used to sample samples without wasting samples.

Pipettes are a must-have for many laboratory procedures. They are the tool of choice when using viscous solutions and are used to measure the volume of the solution. When using a pipette, it is important to hold it at eye level to control volume. It is important to avoid tip contamination because of the possibility of foaming and bubble formation. And to avoid mistakes, make sure that you know what to do when you use a pipette.

integra pipette tips

INTEGRA Pipette Tips

There are a number of different types of INTEGRA pipette tips. One of these is the Low Retention GripTip. This tip is specifically designed for use with INTEGRA's line of VIAFLO 96/384, 1000, and 1250 ul pipettes. Its heightened hydrophobic properties allow it to prevent low surface tension samples from spreading out and "wetting" the inner walls of the tip, allowing maximum liquid recovery. INTEGRA offers both types of tips for the 1000 and 1250 ul models, as well as the 102 mm lengths.

The GripTips from INTEGRA Biosciences are designed for the widest range of INTEGRA pipettes. Their manufacturing process is strict and backed by a VIAPURE quality statement. The company guarantees consistent and reliable supplies of these tips, allowing researchers to continue their research without interruption. To learn more about GripTips and how they can benefit you, contact INTEGRA Biosciences today.

INTEGRA has launched a new GripTip selector. The GripTip selector lets you choose which tips are best suited for your pipette and sample. The tips come in a standard size and shape to fit the most common brands of pipettors. Moreover, they have a positive stop that prevents over-tightening. Using a 16-channel pipette with GripTips will allow you to load more tips into your pipette without the risk of losing one.

GripTips offer a range of specialties that can accommodate different application needs. The low retention tips are perfect for recovering viscous solutions, while the wide bore ones are best for cellular applications. Additionally, GripTips come with a reinforced tip rack. These tips also have an extra long sleeve that makes it easier for you to reach the bottom of your tube. They are made to ensure accuracy and precision, allowing you to work more efficiently without the hassle of having to worry about leaking tips.

Benefits of Corning Pipette Tips

For a reliable and accurate fit with most major brand pipettors, Corning offers universal fit tips. These tips feature beveled orifices for accurate fluid delivery. Each tip is graduated to deliver a certain volume of fluid. For added convenience, the tips are packaged in convenient space-saving packages of 480. These tips are nonsterile and can be purchased in bulk for maximum economy. The following are a few of the benefits of Corning universal fit tips:

IsoTip filtered pipette tips feature an inert hydrophobic barrier to prevent aerosolized contaminants from coming into contact with pipettor shafts. They are perfect for applications where preventing cross contamination is essential, such as radioisotope handling and DNA amplification. They are also compatible with most popular ultra-micropipettors. You can purchase these tips from LabShop to fit your entire scientific lab needs.

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